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Mexico’s 40 Ton Megalithic Stone Head

Discovered deep in the jungle of southern Mexico are dozens of huge 40 Ton Megalithic Stone Heads which have remained hidden for almost 3,000 years. Radio carbon dated to almost 900 years before Christ, these mysterious megalithic heads easily predate Christopher Columbus by more than 2,000 years and long predate the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations as well.

Each head was meticulously carved out of a single basalt boulder (an extremely hard fine grained volcanic rock) without the use of modern diamond edged cutting tools. As if this were not enough, defying  gravity and the laws of nature, the heads were then somehow lifted and carried without damage, more than 120 kilometers up and over formidable mountains, across raging rivers, through tropical jungles with quick sand swamps, all without the benefit of any roads, bridges or vehicles with which to move them.

Some have posited that the stone heads with strange helmets covering their ears depict mystical leaders or gods. Others have hypothesized that the clear prevalence of African and oriental facial features may represent a fusion of African and Pre Columbian indigenous peoples. However, paleoanthropologists agree that such a fusion 3,000 years ago was impossible.

The how, the why, and by what or by whom the heads were created and transported are questions which are beyond the scope of modern technology. They are questions for which we simply have no answers, and represent yet another mystery in the continuing saga of the Yucatan Peninsula’s ancient history.

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